Hmm... Well, I'm passionate about patterns - I find textures in nature, think of patterns in human behavior and develop design systems for business and digital products. My favorite quote is this by William Gibson: "Homo sapiens is about pattern recognition. Both a gift and a trap."
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I've been working in design industry since 2001, started from outdoor signs and corporate identity. Having acquired experience at project managing, I went freelance as designer and consultant while running my small studio Niketo, developing projects from photographers' portfolios to corporate websites. Later I've been invited to join Volga Volga Brand Identity - one of the top agencies in Saint Petersburg. I've been improving my skills in print and identity design, working for bigger brands in a truly professional team. After that I've moved to Oblako Studio and continued learning web design and all things interactive. In my pursue for bigger projects I've joined Deasign, international agency with offices in Stockholm, Helsinki and Saint-Petersburg, where I've been working both for Russian companies heading western markets and renowned international brands. Later I've been developing and directing promotional projects, corporate websites and digital products for 2Nova Interactive. Since December 2015 I work as UX/UI lead and Art Director at IQPlanner - travel platform of the new breed.
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