Redesign of Airinme, flight metasearch and comparison website
I've joined Airinme team when the website's been up and running, so I've decided not to start my input with the new features, but with full redesign for current functionality instead. I've designed the new main page, flight search and listing page, Journal pages and some more service templates.
Typography and UI details
First, I've developed text styles and a modular grid, then I've added system of margins and page building logic. I've checked how it all works both for a spacious blog page and a dense search interface and proceeded with all other templates. Among with the rapid process, designing pages from the basic set of building blocks helps create and maintain harmonic look-and-feel.
Flight search
Flight search and comparison is crucial feature of Airinme. I've designed filtering system and clear and easily readable flight cards for all screen sizes.
Useful and inspiring writing from the editors and travellers are presented in Journal. Every author has his/her own profile.
What's next?
Here comes the most interesting part — visitors stats analysis, hypothesises for KPI improvement, features enhancement, customer feedback. Also new features are planned: • reviews functionality, when travellers can leave their review on the places they've seen, hotels they've booked and restaurants and airports the've visited. • Mobile app with context-aware features (adding review/photo/video, help while travelling).
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