Archived works
Some selected projects I've been working on since 2000.
Maxima Telecom, website concept and design for the internet provider. Made at 2Nova Interactive, 2015.
Ingenieur. Grid and layout system for a portfolio website, 2016.
Range Rover. Hot Chile Drive. Website design, 2013.
Pobeda 5. Website design for the modern interpretation of neo-classicism building, 2012. Check the teaser website.
Need to Know, a book series. Digital art and cover design, concept, 2006.
Legenda. Website design for the building complex, 2013.
Performa. Identity, print design and navigation for the art gallery. Concept, 2006.
2Loud Music. Identity and print design for the electronic music recording label, 2008.
AP:PM. Identity and a website concept for the design studio, 2008.
Blockpost. Identity for the publishing house, 2008.
Patterns by Niketo, images from my personal journal. Go check it out.
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