Case study part II, "Planning a trip"
Once you've chosen the place to go, you begin to think of trip details - flights, hotels, you try to find best deals and places. Here I will describe interfaces that will help choose the best flight, hotel, siteseeings, and a day plan of your trip.
Just type a city
To begin planning your trip you only need an idea. We will recommend best travel dates, a flight and a hotel.
Seamless experience
Start your plan at home and take it with you on mobile devices.
The best deals
Get the cheapest, fastest or optimal routes and hotels according to your date and price preferences. Book your flight and hotel, keep up with your day plans, take itinerary printout with you, review source blog post.
Choose your route
Not satisfied with the recommended ticket? Just scroll down to see all available routes and filter by transport, price, duration and many other options.
Choose a hotel
Book recommended hotel or choose on map. Search with your preferences and location. Read reviews and flick through guests' photos.
Get your day plans
Detailed plans on how you will spend your days. Follow your timeline or add new places to see on the go.
Print your itinerary and day plans right from your plan page. Don't get lost while offline.
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