GET Excellence Platform
Since September 2018 I work at GET IT as UX Designer on GET Excellence Platform - the project management system for global clients like Bilfinger, Knauf, Siemens. I take part in evolving the ecosystem of the web-app, report documentation for management, and mobile apps for on-site specialists. I develop scenarios to complete business tasks and transform them into product features. After architectural and concept stage, I proceed with UX and UI design for web and mobile applications. Read more about GET Excellence Platform
GET Atomic Design System
To provide design cohesion, efficiency, less maintenance, and high quality, in close cooperation with development and QA teams I've built GET Atomic Design System and UI kits for mobile apps. This project is a multi-discipline collaborative effort to reflect a new visual expression and design philosophies for GET Excellence Plarform. This massive work includes redesigning the components, patterns, and product experience. This required me to join forces with product teams to participate in the design, UX, testing, feedback, and front-end development.
IQPlanner, part I
Designing travel platform of the new breed