To begin planning your trip you only need an idea. Once you start typing your destination, any IQPlanner page turns into the Query interface, which helps you find the best flights and hotels. IQPlanner website stats: 1 marketplace conneting influencer recommendations with bookings, 200% MOM organic growth, 30 new stories uploaded by users every day, 48% of our audience is repeat visits, 500+ influencer accounts in the system, 6 pageviews per visit, 7 minutes customers spend researching destinations on the website, 80 countries by customer location, 90% of IQPlanner customers are 18-44, 1000+ newsletter subscribers accepted partner with Tourist Boards.
The best deals
IQPlanner recommends the cheapest, fastest or optimal routes and hotels according to your dates and preferences. You can book your flight and hotel, keep up with your day plans, take itinerary printout with you, review source blog post.
Choose your route
Not satisfied with the recommended ticket? Just scroll down to see all available routes and filter by transport, price, duration and many other options.
Choose a hotel
Book recommended hotel or choose on map. Search with your preferences and location. Read reviews and flick through guests' photos.
Get your day plans
Detailed plans on how you will spend your days. Follow your timeline or add new places to see on the go.
Save Adventures and plans
All your saved Adventures and built plans are stored in your profile.
Print your itinerary and day plans right from your plan page. Don't get lost while offline.
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