Niketo identity
Niketo has been my personal brand since 2008. It has become not only my second digital skin, but my creative essence. It all began with 2001: A Space Odyssey.
Name and logo
Niketo is the result of my love for three things - science fiction, math and graphic design. When I was a kid, my parents subscribed a russian analog for Popular Mechanics, where I've read 2001: A Space Odyssey. I was enchanted by the Monolith, it's origins, it's basic proportions and the role it played in human evolution. It has become for me the symbol of the Universe, much more inspiring that we can even imagine.
The proportions of the Monolith, the squares of the first three integers, are so basic, perfectly calibrated and obvious in a good sense.
When i've decided to build my portfolio website, I wanted my logo to be as simple as possible. Yet I wanted it to express some basic rules and beauty, convey an intellectual charge and give a hint of how it's connected to the name Niketo. In the end I've come up with the rectangle with proportions 4x9, dissected with a line to form letter "N".
Based on these proportions you can build various forms and symbols, from circles and squares to heraldic shields.
I've designed my own corporate font using "4x9" proportions and called it Niketo Regular. It's available to download on YouWorkForThem website. This font plays a huge role in all my personal works. As a second font for paragraphs I've selected IBM Plex Mono Light.
Buy Niketo Regular font
I've developed corporate color scheme using only basic RGB and CMYK colors. With the name Niketo which sounds like a japanese word, this approach resulted in a bit tech'y and cyberpunk'y look and feel.
Monolith proportions, forms and symbols can be used to generate patterns.
Further explorations
New fonts, colors and compositions to explore possibilities of look and feel of Niketo brand.
Selected projects since 2000